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Mpingo Disk Block MD-03 set , Large

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Basic Information
Product Name Mpingo Disk Block MD-03 set , Large
Price USD 134.00
Overview · African blackwood = Mpingo (Swahili name)
· Feet base under bottom of hi-fi equipment
· Speaker spike shoes using small V-shape groove
· Resonator on top of audio system like cdp,amp.
turntable, speaker etc.
Product Summary Size : Φ40 x 22 H (mm) , 4ea/set
Review 3
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Mpingo Disk Block MD-03 set , Large up down 134 (  )
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(Item price & shipping cost reduction approx. 10% due to exchange rate fluctuation. 2022.6.26~)

Mpingo Disk (MD) is a superior sound-improving audio accessory to use outstanding resonant properties of Mpingo wood.
Especially, MD can realize the largest effect by minimum investment providing various application.

    -. Feet base under bottom of hi-fi equipment.
    -. Resonator on top of audio system like amp, cdp, turntable, speaker etc.
    -. Speaker spike shoes using small V-shape groove on upperside.

Especially, now support under your equipment with Mpingo Disk of lovely tonal quality material,
and then reverberation & harmonics can be improved greatly than existent metallic or plastic-like shoes.

This Mpingo Disk is one of the best selling items which most audiophiles in Korea are using now
since we launched on 2005 year.

                        This item is selling as a set of 4 pieces.

Description  :

    1) Size  :  MD-01  approx. Φ30 x 10 H (mm) , Φ1.18 x 0.39 H (inch),  approx. 9g/ea.
                     MD-02  approx. Φ34 x 16 H (mm) , Φ1.34 x 0.63 H (inch),  approx. 18g/ea.
                     MD-03  approx. Φ40 x 22 H (mm) , Φ1.57 x 0.86 H (inch),  approx. 32g/ea.

) Finishing : 2~3 kinds of premium German natural oil applied on fine-sanded surface.
 Material quality : processed with sound squares selected very strictly from 5~7 years
                                   air-dried blocks in Korea after import from East Africa.
    4) There are somewhat distribution of wood grain & color due to natural material.

Application  :  

       -. Speaker spike shoes : two sets of 4 pcs, total 8pcs normally.
       -. F
eet base under Amp. , Turntable, CDP, etc. : one set of 4pcs.

Model selection standard :

     1) load capacity : how many weight would be support with MD?
     2) appearance size balance : if MD-01 may too small to your equipment, you can choose larger model
                                                    like MD-02 or MD-03.
     3) one more consideration : our golden-ear advisers tell 'larger mpingo, more effect'.

About material  :  African blackwood (Mpingo)

       -. Mpingo : Swahili name of African Blackwood ( Swahili : East African local language)

                          Botanical name : Dalbergia melanoxylon
Density(air-dry) : 1.3 
        -. African blackwood listed by CITES as a protected wood since Jan. 2017.
           (CITES : Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
           But, all our raw materials of this wood species were imported in Korea legally from Tanzania on 2002~2004.
           Please refer above photo of official 'Pre-Convention Certificate' issued by Korea government CITES authorities.
Mpingo is much different species from Ebony wood.
Ebony : Botanical name : Diospyros spp. (Ebenaseae), about 200 kinds of species.
Density(air-dry) : 0.9~1.0
Mpingo is renowned for its lots of defects like cracks, splits, knots, worm holes, etc.
            in the log itself, 
and so result in very poor cutting yield ratio to certain size.
Acoustic properties :
Its stability and lovely tonal qualities make it well-knownd as "The Tree of Music"
and it has often used for woodwind musical instrument traditionally like clarinets,
             oboes, bagpipes.
Also, Mpingo is recognized already as outstanding resonant accessories to high-end
             audiophiles worldwide.

Buyer's review :

     -. "I use the MD-03 as a device for resonance control on top of my loudspeakers,
          on top of a power filter and in the fuse box on top of the electric meter.
          The sound is fuller, much more powerful and at the end more real. This are keepers. Thanks a lot..."
          (2020.2.25.  J.S. from Germany, bought with MD-03 & Reso-bell large.)

      -. "Hi, First of all let me thank you for this wonderful product. After I had heard the sonic results
         of just putting 2 disks on top of each of my loudspeakers it was very clear.
         I simply had to order another set, just to play around with on my hifi-system.
        And in case the additional 4 disks have a positive effect which is comparable to the 1st set.
        I will certainly order another set."
        "I have tested different materials on my hifi system, some with great effect.
        As for wood I tested ebony among other sorts of wood.
        But it never worked in the same wonderful way that mpingo wood does. Quite amazing.
        Of course you can quote my comment if you want to.
        I am already looking forward to the arrival of the next set of disks because I want to find out
        if the positive effect will be augmented through a 2nd set. If so, I will certainly order another set.
        Best regards   G.E. , Germany.  2017.4.28."
        (This buyer bought MD-01 first, and ordered MD-01, 02, Cable damper additionally.)

-. "I really like your product. It does what you say. It brings base definition and it improves the full range.
          It moves the system to sound even more natural and pure. Thank you, RB. from USA. 2015.1.15"
          (This buyer bought all MD-01, 02, 03 models.)

 Mpingo make upgrade bass sound more dense certainly.
It means absolute strength of Mpingo which can be apply to most system.
This point is justly excellent than Ebony wood. This effect is almost exchange level
           of equipment or higher, and greatest 
in case of speakers."
I put MD up on each resonant point of equipment upper side listening with used stethoscope.
It can be realized that resonant sound decreased remarkably by checking MD & surrounding MD."
 "Reverberation of bass tone become more natural and rich, and changed to the
           sound more analog."

-. "Bass sound become more dense and rich. 
Hightone sound become refine its sharpness
           maintaining clear and clean.
I satisfied with this effect and want to buy other clubWOOD's Mpingo accessories."
 "I used MD as spike shoes and feel great effect. 
Sound become tender remarkably than put up
           justly on black marble stone.
I had some difficulties as I could not make my preferable sound, but now no more difficulty
          due to MD. Thanks."
 "After using to feet base under Accuphase SACD player 77, the bass sound become solid and rich.
         The high tone become more clear and smooth its sharpness than using 
other brand steel-made feet.
I want to use other accessories of clubWOOD's Mpingo items by the effect this Mpingo Disk."

     -.  (Below is very famous audiophile’s review listed on our homepage after using our Mpingo blocks.
He is managing audio community site as a side work, and is supported by so many audiophile members
          in Korea. 
From his long experience, he developed many equipments and useful accessories.)
“I became assured ‘My sound’ at least with over twenty years audiophile careers,
           and so I stopped to swap the equipments for a moment. 
But, I started newly just ‘accessory mischief’.
           I have exprienced almost accessories selling in Korea.          
Among them, I recommend to everybody below 3 items with assured higher effect.
BDR Cone
Van audio AVR
CD Shaver
ow I am seriously thinking about adding one more. It’s just ‘clubWOOD Mpingo items’.
When evaluate audio accessories, it is useless to express such as soundstage, transparency,
           treble change etc. 
That’s why all accessories become different depending on the user's system.
ut for me, I have the only one unchangeable sound change point, 
It’s just ‘bass density’.
If bass density become better, I believe that system should be upgrade one step without question.
           The remaining elements are naturally come with.
Mpingo makes bass density upgrade one step definitely, and all while never to dry.
This means Mpingo has strong advantage not to care about any equipments.
This Mpingo is definitely superior than Ebony which was hot with joint production on many communities.
Obviously, this is as equipment-change level or more than that.
No, this is rather than a gain as there are no reason to fail when change equipment.
I got very amusing toy after a long time.
I will order more Mpingo items tomorrow and want to play with them."

     -. "Dear K. S. Song
           I would like to give a short feedback about my experience with your products.

I ordered a few weeks ago a record stabilizer large, disk block footers for under my loudspeakers,
          a headshell damper and a set of cones.
          When i received the Items, i was impressed, how beautiful they are made.  
          A shiny surface, and the items are all very beautiful crafted.
          I did the implication in my Hifi-system one by one.  I startet with the Disk Clamp.
          It changed the sound of my turntable in a positive way.
          I have a Nottingham Spacedeck with some improvements like graphite mat, carbone waffle base,
and a power supply.
         The sound with the clamp improved clearly.
         The base is a bit tighter and more organic and the whole presentation of the music is more natural.
         The sound is also more focused.  I had a certain fuzziness before  which some would call airiness.  
          I like the more focused and centered sound, it feels more natural and live-like.
         The musicians are standing now right in front of me. What a joy!
         The footers under my loudspeakers weren't the same big improvement, because i had already wooden
          footers instead of the standard metal footers,  and my monitors,  the wonderful Harbeth 30.1 are on stands
          which will not give the same effect compared two floor standers.  
          But I had still a audible experience with it. The sound was more natural and organic than before.
          I was impressed by the headshell damper.
          I used the cartridge isolator from MusicMaker  before, which i liked a lot.  But your damper is better.
         The transient speed is clearly better. It really improves the sound.
          I have a darker background and a more natural feel to the music without any negative aspects.
          I like all the tested products very much.
         They are all integrated in my Hifi system since many weeks and they all will be staying there for sure.
         Thanks for your good products.  The music is now more authentic and joyful at my home.
          I can highly recommend your products to everyone.
         Sincerely,  J.E.Z. from Switzerland, 2015.1.17."
         (This buyer bought Mpingo LP stabilizer large, Headshell damper standard, Disk block MD-02(2sets,8ea)
          & 03(1set,4ea)

      -. " ~ I then purchased MD-02 discs and MC-03 cones from
           I have had excellent results with their Mpingo wood products.
           Inserting the MC-03 cones under the feet moved the sound very close to what I was searching for,
           putting the MD-02 discs under the cones made a little more improvement.
           I have now glued the cones to the bottom of the feet and am working on my Garrard 301.
           In summary I have from bottom to top -- Stillpoints, 1.5" Boos cutting board, Clubwood MD-02 disc,
           Clubwood MC-03 cone, slate foot."
           (above photo from buyer, D.J. USA, quoted from lencoheaven forum)           

"These mpingo discs has great success to eliminate the impossible tiny micro vibrations from components
            in addition to the ones you can feel from your touch. The transformation is noticeable astounding.
            These discs create a dead silent background free of any distraction in the music.
            This exposes hidden musical notes to the music. Additional voices come into play more clearly.  
            The freedom of vibrations is able to provide component like turntable to clearly carry forth separation of voices
            and instruments.  You can actually see the singers as individual images on stage in full 3D.
            The imaging has improved to a pinpoint degree of location.
            The most impressive result is the ability for these mpingo discs to help individual equipment to sound without
            any electronic thin brightness, glare or any haziness.
            I am startle with the additional full sounding richness and natural musical warmth.
            The music is of pure listening ease like in live music.
            Its so involving that you have to drop any reading and just listen.
            The high-end reference equipment will indeed sound even more "expensive”.
            As the nature of the mpingo wood, it truly presented itself as a tree of music.
            M. H. from California USA"
            (This buyer bought MD-02, MD-03, and custom-order MD-04, Φ45x28H, 2017.11.07.)

                   Don't miss your chance to enjoy more improved sound!

About us

      We 'clubWOOD' are a manufacturer of premium quality woodcrafts in Korea

      and import various exotic hardwood directly from East Africa.


Shipment  :

   -. We will ship your order within 2~3 business days via international standard post airmail.
    -. Tracking number should be provide after shipment for every order.
    -. Import duties/taxes and charges are not included and buyer's responsibility.

Contact us

    We are willing to respond to your inquiry, especially in case of large quantity order.
     If you have a question of this item or overall question, please feel free to contact us.  Thanks.


Payment Information

We accept the following forms of payment : only PayPal  (account :

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  • - Shipping Method : Basically by Post Office, standard (called K-packet) or EMS.
  • - Shipping Area : Worldwide, but there are many countries which are not available standard shipping, even express (like ems) shipping under pendemic.
                              Therefore, even if the order has received, it may discuss about upgrade matter to more expensive shipping method.
  • - Shipping Rate : Shipping cost varies and referred to in each item listing. Normally, over USD200 total amount will be ship by express way (EMS).
  • - Delivery Time : 2 - 5 days

  • Please take into consideration that some products may take additional time for delivery and processing.
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    Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them.
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    Relevant expenses (round-trip shipping, customs, etc.) will be deducted from the refund.

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1. Address for returns and exchanges :
- [10911] 128-24 Sangjiseok-gil, Paju-si, Gyunggi-do, Korea (South) clubWOOD

2. Requirements :

Please take into consideration that we only accept qualifying returns but not exchanges. Refunds are issued once the returned products clear our inspection.

  1) An item is eligible for cancellation if :
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        please contact our customer service center) or
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    ** Return Instructions

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      * Please be advised that returns are accepted ONLY IF you followed the instructions above and your return request has been approved by our staff.
         Returns that are shipped to us without any prior consent are not accepted.
      * Please note that EVEN the defective/incorrect item(s) must be returned with all of the tags and labels intact. The item(s) must be sent in their original packaging and unworn.
      * Please include all contents of the original package and free gifts (if applicable) in your return packaging.
      * Shipping fee for any return caused by our fault will be paid by the company.
         However, if EMS’ cash on delivery is not possible then you can scan the return receipt and either mail it with the item to return or post an image of it on the forum.
         The shipping fee will be refunded once the returned item has arrived.

3) We do not accept return(s) if :
     - you are returning the items just because you changed your mind (on size, color, etc.)
     - you are returning shoes, bags, or any other accessories
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     - your return request is not approved by our staff

   The following items are not considered defective :
      * Items that are originally manufactured without tags or labels
      * Items with creases that may have been made while shipping
      * Items with unsatisfactory/incomplete finish due to mass production

4) If there is a missing item from your order :
      * Contact our customer service center by phone or by forum (if you cannot reach us by phone) within 1 day of delivery.
      * Please keep all contents of the original package including packaging material (boxes, plastic bags etc.) with you until you are instructed otherwise.

Please note that we may not be able to process the refund for your missing item if you lose or damage any packaging material.

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3 Mpingo disk block review from German buyer ( 2020-02-25) Popular message clubWOOD 2022-03-30 1025 5points
2 Mpingo disk block review from USA buyer ( 2017-11-07) Popular message clubWOOD 2022-03-26 1059 5points
1 Mpingo disk block review from USA buyer (2015-02-06) Popular message clubWOOD 2022-03-26 450 5points

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